The Publishing Company ORCA E.I.R.L, based in Santiago, Chile, is led by the General Manager Christopher J. Ladley, who works with a team of professionals that includes graphic designers, photographers, journalists, editors, sales reps, accountants, web designers, printing specialists, and marketing and distribution experts. ORCA has recently published the fourth edition of “The Eyes of the Condor,” a photography book that reveals Chile’s spectacular geographical beauty with stunning images from distinguished international photographers.

The Company’s mission is to be a highly recognized publishing house through the publication and worldwide distribution of a series of large-format coffee table books of photo-journalism highlighting countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The national bird of each country will be featured in the title and photos of the book. ORCA also plans to establish strategic alliances with leading industry stakeholders in each country, and partner with global and local foundations to donate funds to efforts to confront social issues.

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